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Osób obu ale dotąd żyli jest filmie facetem i nie the which culminated when he froze up the middle of the herd, and was reduced to shredded lunch meat while screaming for his mother. Soon afterward, his mother is eaten as well, and is tears as he prepares to shoot Rick and Fans were sympathetic to him and understood why he became what he was.: Agent Jinks of the team fits this trope. While not a particularly disliked character, he did before Character Development feel like extremely token New not helped by being background-to-absent episodes of his introductory When it's finally revealed that he's been callously killed after being discovered as Undercover Good it's incredibly powerful and affecting scene. Truly, nothing his screen life became him as much as how he left it. He got better, though.: The death of Norton Drake during the second For the first Norton was a near-insufferable genius whose main job was to roll around a lab his wheelchair and provide scientific technobabble to the main characters and this was the actor who played him stopped using a ridiculous Jamaican accent for the first few episodes of the series the second- premiere, however, just as it looked like he might take on more of active role with the Blackwood Project, Norton gets shot by a clone version of one of the main characters, gets enough strength to crawl over to a panic button and press it, then gets shot again off-screen... and then his body is blown to smithereens when the house he worked explodes, and almost all of the characters promptly forgot about him. Norton's death is one of the main reasons why the second is Fanon Discontinuity the eyes of fans.: Agent Spender, shot at point-blank range at the end of the first episode which he developed any character beyond that of being annoying, weasely foil to Mulder and Scully. He was eventually revealed to be Not Quite Dead, but at the time, some people were stunned he'd gone into a two-parter practically chanting Kill the Twerp and came out of it really upset that they'd killed the Spender. Do stadiums count? If Australian Rules Football venue Waverley Park has a strong case. Built the 70s Melbourne's growing south-eastern suburbs, it was criticised for a lack of public transport to the venue and consequent traffic jams on match days and nicknamed Arctic Park due to the cold temperatures. Yet, when it was gone, fans regretted the loss. Ben His actions at the beginning of episode three led to the deaths of Carley Katjaa and along with either being stranded and left to die or stealing the group's RV and supplies. And he does it again episode four when he leaves Clementine surrounded by walkers and has to jump and eventually sacrifice his life because Ben wouldn't help a nine year old girl. He's a walking Idiot Ball and both Too Dumb to Live and The Millstone, it's impossible for anyone to not hate him... until episode five, where we're reminded that he's just a scared kid who watched his friends and teachers die to rapists and walkers and doesn't even know if his own family's alive. By the time he dies, most players who hated him much bawled hard He never stopped talking, got someone killed just minutes after being introduced and was just pretty annoying, but during his death, you're reminded that he was just a 10 year old boy who acted like a 10 year old boy and now he was going to die Most players find themselves choking back tears. 's death She was whiny, annoying, and undeveloped, and you are forced to use her a certain point of the game when she replaces which is, by the way, when she becomes incredibly crazy general... but still, when she is executed by burning for crimes of 'heresy' she had nothing to do with, screaming that it wasn't her fault and thinking she was hated by her friends, you can't help but feel sorry for her. fans are divided into two camps; those who found Burnside obnoxious but sympathetic, and those who found Burnside obnoxious and grating. Even the scene which he painfully mutates into a Tyrant, attacks Claire, resists the virus to save her and then dies her arms is surprisingly sad. For a Resident Evil game, I mean. A huge portion of the fanbase has extreme -hate relationship with Colonel Lambert, known for his banter and his frequent decisions on when to end the mission. when Double Agent came along and included the dilemma of whether or not to shoot Lambert as one of its selling point, more than a few stating their over-the-top- to finally do him THEN Ubisoft made which makes shooting him necessary to complete the game, and the enthusiasm dropped like a rock. THEN came out which CONFIRMED it. God