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Zdawali sobie klimatach grozy misji to najbardziej obserwatorium mniejszy mnożnik dogs individual needs. So we can ultimately have a safer group of dogs to play with each day. We also have a really good group of staff members, some of them have been here for a couple years and a few have been here a little less. We really don't have a high turn around rate for staff like with most daycares. So our staff and especially the dogs are like family here. I have done 2 classes and I am completly amazed as to how quickly is able to get dog to listen. I would highly recommend to everybody I know. He is absolutely great with the dogs and is also a people person. And I training dog with him. has great working with us training our 10 month large black lab mix Sampson. She shows us how to do exercise and then has us do it. Sampson is learning very quickly and his obedience improveso weekly. Love that she comes to house and works with us with environment distractions. owner of JW Pet Care, has been working with our family since the week we brought our Labrador puppy home. The thought of leaving our baby with anyone especially a person who we did not know, seemed unbearable at the time. When we first met we were immediately impressed with her strong knowledge base, impressive experience, and most importantly, her comfort level and warm, natural interaction with our dog. 's innate for animals shined through immediately, which really calmed our nerves! has consistently provided great care. She arrives within the requested time frame, feeds, plays with, and loves our dog! Each time she visits, she sends at least one, but often several, photo or video updates. What a comfort it is to know that while we are at work, our dog is receiving much attention and TLC. As a business owner, is responsive, professional, understanding, and fair. I appreciate her flexibility and willingness to work with our constantly changing schedules. I have never felt like this is just a business to this is her passion. We feel blessed to have found her. is our 9-month-old, 100 pound Newfoundland who we were having a hard time training at home. He's loving and smart, but he can be stubborn when he thinks he can get away with it! We were introduced to Zach and Leila and quickly started their two-week, basic training course. We couldn't be happier with how things went! is world's better at walking on the leash, greeting new people, sitting, laying down, staying place, using his climb, and following the basic instructions every owner dreams of. They have taught us with and kindness and we have definitely seen the results our big bear. He loved spending the day with them and their other furry clients. We cannot thank them enough and are excited to enter their advanced training course a few months once we get some more practice of these basic commands at home. Zach even be stopping by to help us more with counter serving! Thank you much Koda K-9 Services! I've had incredible experience at K9's Training. I brought dog here after adopting her because of her bite history. Joe, the head trainer was phenomenal. He knew his stuff! I decided on the board and train program because I was making her a service dog. She did a complete 180! She has become the most obedient dog and her temper has changed completly. More importantly, Joe trains YOU! He helps you understand your dog and how to become a better advocate for your dog and communicate with them better. I highly recommend K9's. Hello there! name is and I am a professional dog trainer. I currently work at a dog training facility. At this facility I train and rehabilitate dogs. I have trained dogs with all different temperaments and behavior issues That being said, no dog is too much for me! Other than work life, I to hangout with pup and go for hikes. I am currently enrolled the criminal justice program at college and that one day I can work for a federal agency or with the police K-9 unit. With services, I be able to do obedience training for hour a day with your pup as I am caring for him her. Your dog also experience some awesome hiking trips!