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Swoją monumentalną nie żadne upudrowane, bohaterów a fabuły nie sądzę at K9's Training. I brought dog here after adopting her because of her bite history. Joe, the head trainer was phenomenal. He knew his stuff! I decided on the board and train program because I was making her a service dog. She did a complete 180! She has become the most obedient dog and her temper has changed completly. More importantly, Joe trains YOU! He helps you understand your dog and how to become a better advocate for your dog and communicate with them better. I highly recommend K9's. Hello there! name is and I am a professional dog trainer. I currently work at a dog training facility. At this facility I train and rehabilitate dogs. I have trained dogs with all different temperaments and behavior issues That being said, no dog is too much for me! Other than work life, I to hangout with pup and go for hikes. I am currently enrolled the criminal justice program at college and that one day I can work for a federal agency or with the police K-9 unit. With services, I be able to do obedience training for hour a day with your pup as I am caring for him her. Your dog also experience some awesome hiking trips! If you would like to know more about me or services, just ask! I have plenty of references from clients that I would be happy to provide! From puppy kindergarten through advance competition classes, we can provide all levels of training. We are committed to help you build a healthy relationship with your canine friend. Our training includes: Agility Rally Canine good citizen Manners and more Day and evening classes are available. We only use positive motivational training methods to acquire a tail-wagging working attitude. Our classes are held a heated and fully matted facility. During the months, some of the classes are held outside a fenced outdoor ring on the grass. Need Dog Training. Springfield, VT I would likr to work on her social skills. She is a sweet puppy but is protectove of me. Once you say hello and offer to pet or play with her she is nice to strangers but id like her to be more aprochable. I also would like to work on her jumping. We live out of state from our family and when we do see them she tries to jump into their arms. Some dont mind but others hate it. I would rather her say hello on all four paws. Need a Dog Trainer. Lawrence, 2 months ago we adopted a 4 year old Corgi mix 13 lb male, neutered and all shots up to date with micro chip. He was good the first day we had him, friendly with everyone. he is very aggressive when new people come to our door and literally tries to bite. He is also aggressive with family members when they approach me a year old male. It seems that he has gotten worse following neutering. Need a Dog Trainer for a Large Puppy. Acton, I have a 8 month old Pit Bull, and he knows all the basics, but there are specific behaviors I need help with. One is his level of excitement when he sees people or dogs. Another is this odd behavior he has when running off leash at a dog park. He runs and doesn't pay attention to where he's going. He often runs right into peoples legs, and I'm worried he could accidently hurt someone. I'm looking for maybe private training for his specific issues, as opposed to a general class. Can you please provide a quote for this, if you provide private training? Thank you. President Barack Obama, first Obama, daughters and Sasha, and dog Bar Harbor, Maine, on July 17. Readers recently forwarded us email that's been making the rounds for several years. Because it appears to have returned to heavy rotation, we decided to do a few fact checks from among its dozens of claims, all of which are critical of President