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Elkabetza nominowana intrygi próbuje nie masz, przeszłości narrację to nic barking! Ziggy Status: Hi Everyone! It is me, Zoey! I am back at the ranch and working with on all of tricks! Even though is training human ALL they trainers at the ranch really me! I'm pretty cute and have a spunky personality-I'm not sure what that means but I do know I get lots of attention from the humans around the ranch. I am doing well with basic commands and at the same I have lots of energy- bum likes to wiggle and body gets very happy sometimes-especially when other dogs are around. It can be really hard to focus on listening to when other dogs are around calling name too. They like to try to distract me and for someone like me that is happy and friendly, it is hard to block them out. When and I are alone I am pretty good at focusing, but goodness, I like to play with friends too. Adventures: and I are going on adventures together I can practice tricks with other distractions I'm working hard on our adventures to listen and keep learning new tricks. Goals: I clearly still have lots of goals to work on I can become the best service dog I can be! That is okay. I know is patient with me. I keep working on not letting friends distract me when I should be learning. We are also learning another new trick that is kind of hard for me. There is this trick called tether that I am trying to get used to. Sometimes when a human has autism, they need their dog to keep them safe by helping them stay one place and NOT run away from their mommy and daddy. The dog and the human are connected by a special leash. I think this leash is like a string to keep our hearts attached. job is to keep furever human close by our hearts can always beat close together. If person runs away it makes heart beat too fast and I get nervous and uncomfortable. Tether keep our hearts happy and together. This is such important trick to learn and it is also hard and can be a little unsettling for me. I work hard this month to get more comfortable with tether with Please come back a month you can how much I am trying to get better with all of tricks! Zoey. Posts: Joined: Mon Sep 06 7 pm I got email the other day selling pet stuff and the were advertising this pet corrector which is basically a can of air that you spray when you want your dogs to stop doing something. Im reading this and it says it was even used on VictoriaStilwells Its me or the dog. I kind of thought this was adversive method. Am I wrong and it to use? Or were they lying? dontpugme Posts: Joined: Oct 29 8 pm Location: Texas used it on episode or two of It's Me or the Dog She has said that the past, she used sort of a mix of positive reinforcement and some aversion. She doesn't use sound aversion anymore because she has moved more towards positive training. If I 't like something dog is doing, I say Ah and then redirect him onto something I do want him to do, then praise him when he does it. I'm assuming that that was what the advertisement was for. They do make cans of compressed air that are made just case a dog attacks you. I 't know much about them or whether they are effective or humane. Nettle Posts: Joined: