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Się przełknąć zawsze marzących ten który może się ( jednak rodzicowi Kanoe, that came to her dog aggressive. Gradually transitioning Kanoe from just walking with other employee dogs to being daycare, and after a short time she even made doggy friends. During her years there she saw a lot of dogs and owners stressed about going to the vet or even boarding, because the owners had a hard time getting their dog the car to leave since the dog knew every time they get the car it's to the dreaded doctor they go. Or sometimes the dogs would pull their owner everywhere, into the car, into the office, into aggressive dogs the waiting room. Neither owner nor dog was having fun on these trips, she recognized it didn't have to be that way. It is possible to have a stronger bond with your dog through building confidence and obedience, be it during a vet trip, out hiking, at the park, or going to a coffee shop, you should enjoy your dog as much your dog enjoys you. That is what led to Sit Means Sit, she found a place where owners recognize they can have a better relationship with their dogs and are active learning more, and bettering themselves and their dogs. When I was growing up, family never had dogs. When I got older, I fell with a dog of own. Since then, I discovered passion for dogs and have expanded dog family. 2010, I started volunteering at the San Humane Society and helped with cleaning kennels and walking dogs. 2013, I started fostering dogs and puppies through San Pets Alive and the Helotes Humane Society. Along the way, I adopted two of fosters who are still part of family today. dogs are the reason I found Sit Means Sit and became a client. The trainers helped me understand dogs and create a bond with them that I never thought was possible. When I realized the kind of relationship I could have with dog, I knew I had to be a part of the Sit Means Sit team I could help others experience the same kind of bond. June of 2016, I became a trainer with Sit Means Sit and have been enjoying newfound career helping families build stronger relationships with their dogs. Hi there! I'm Meladee and I'm a facility trainer, a soldier, and a mom to amazing baby girl and two fur-babies! Throughout life I have always been known as animal lover to friends and family and have always had a zoo at home, including but not limited to, lizards, birds, cats, snakes, hamsters, etc. Oh, and of course, dogs! When I was a younger, I always watch animal planet and National Geographic whenever I had the chance. I found myself wanting to learn more and more about dogs! I studied while I was growing up with dog breed, dog training, and anatomy books to learn as much as I could. I couldn't get enough! Initially I wanted to be a veterinarian. After high school and basic training for the Army National Guard, I worked at a vet clinic to complete hands on portion of Veterinary Assistant certification. It was a great job and I loved it very much. I then decided I wanted to what college was all about and attended Tarleton State University for a brief while before moving back to Shertz. Back home Shertz, I found myself working as a cook for a couple years at 's Diner. I loved cooking for awhile but I knew it wasn't what I was called to do, I decided that I wanted to fulfill dream to work with dogs another way dog training! When I found Sit Means Sit, I was thrilled to have found something fulfilling and rewarding that I was very eager to learn what I could from the trainers before me. I find myself doing what I Every single day I get to work with other trainers who are other family and also families who their dogs as much as I mine. I get to better clients' and their dogs' lives, help them gain confidence, and learn consistency with our training, and have fun doing it! I've been animal lover for as as I can remember. Growing up, I was involved 4-H, loved going to horse camp, and fawned over all friends' pets as well as own. family owned 2 dogs who were very loved but very untrained. When I was 16, I applied for a job at a dog boarding and daycare facility where I worked for 3 years before working at a second one closer to home. With all that exposure to hundreds of different dogs, I gained experience with all types of dog temperaments, from ranch dog to