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Wrażenie dopieszczone a już tych filmów które ten film nie 3 weeks we've had him, I've tried ignoring and scolding, rubbing his nose the mess, and I've had a training leash on him but he'd rather choke than walk at pace, I've been very persistent and consistent punishment and reward but he is just being stubborn. Is there anything I can do before having to spend money on someone to train him? Hi Firstly rubbing his nose his own mess is cruel and traumatising it is the mistake we made the first few weeks of owning our dobe. Be patient, 't use newspaper, or pads, put his space somewhere with a hard floor that you can clean and get him a routine and a command like ‘go or similar. Wait with him outside till he goes reward when he goes and take him straight back inside with plenty of congrats. It take time maybe a time at his age but if he's never been taught before you can't expect him to know any different. With the walking, hold the lead the hand opposite to the side your walking him on then use your other hand to hold the lead as a close control, walk him close to your heel, he pull but learn that he gets his feet stood on walking at If he continues to pull, stop pull him close to your leg and say ‘close' or ‘heel' then off you go again. if he walks without pulling even for small distances. This again take time. If you big dogs keep him on short leash and at request to introduce him slowly to the other animal, he learn big dogs pose no greater threat than others. Our Dobe is very testing but She's worth it, remember you get out what you put this helps Hi, First off I have trained dogs from Shepherds to own DobermannXLabrador -dobermann gene is much more dominant- obedience and behavioural. Your dobermann attacking other dogs seems to be defensive, he must have been attacked or traumatised by a big dog when he was only a pup which has gave him the association that a big dog means he's going to get hurt, hence why he get there first. I'm sorry to say there is NO way you can correct this on your own. He needs a professional to help him out of this behavioural trait towards other dogs. No amount of socialisation on your level with other dogs break that association his memory. As for him not being toilet trained. I would set up a special area your home that is easy for you to clean and get him used to using that firstly, and then once be has learnt to use that gradually move it closer to your door that leads outside. Once it's got as close as it get to the door put it outside for a while and then remove it completely. He should gradually have built up to being confident enough to go outside. You are right. I had a dobermann and at 3 months he was attacked badly by two staffs. We tried everything and the breeders took him back to help. He's no longer here. He was destroyed at 12 months old after attacking their family friend. I'm looking to get another dobermann after 5 years. And I'm scared I'll go through this again. I really can't show dog nerves. 🙁 hey i would like you to know your comments are inappropriate uncalled for and cowardly.If this is the kind of stuff you do to your dog, your poor puppy shoud be removed from your care. Also what you said about rubbing the dogs nose its feces, thats cruel.And maybe if you wouldve just been like cherelle and asked questions you wouldnt be leaving such horrible and cruel tips that reflect on how you train and treat your own puppy go back to the basics–start all over–he is confused-watch your feeding schedule. When do you feed him?? It takes older dog more time to have a bowl movement. If you feed him at 500 pm then take him for his walk at 1000 p.m. We have a 4 year old doberman we got from a rescue group when he was 18 months old. We also have a 10 year old jack The dobie is very people friendly and loves our family. But the last few months he has started being aggressive toward the other dog. If the dobie is sitting with me and I need him to