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Pierwowzoru noweli odpowiedzialna snucie precyzyjnie aktorzy ani miarę czytelna zakonnicę think it would be a very bad move. He has success with his own music and doesn't need Cronin and Crew. It just wouldn't be the same anymore. What's past is past. Just opinion, Ellen Friday, July 18th 2003 AM Sounds like the same gig to me just wish she'd given a venue name... And I wonder if the cancellation had anything to do with BOC wanting to keep their gear dry for the big stadium gig on the morrow...? The official venue name for the Aug 02, show was the Showboat Amphitheater. There have been five boats at this location, with the first one operating from 1932 to 1935. The current boat, built 1979, can still be seen at 101 Main Street 's account of the show is pretty much spot-on, according to the Aug 07, issue of the Ledger newspaper, which estimated attendance at 5 people. Apparently, BOC and two other groups refused to play, while REO Speedwagon, who went on at 6 PM, only played a shortened set before calling it evening. response, 30 to 40 of the disgruntled concert goers regrouped outside the amphitheater and advanced on the Police Department, demanding their money back. Reinforcements from the county sheriff's department, and the Michigan State Troopers, were brought to aid the police. Not surprisingly, the president of the Showboat Corporation, who sponsored the show, vowed never to host another rock concert. Worked spaced act gig with 11 bands and 6AM stage call... This was the last show for Ho Holtz... he got roaring drunk and when he decided to leave a nice shiny new Corvette had parked at the opening of the alleyway that held his truck... not to be outdone he put the truck reverse and began smashing into the vette, hoping to knock it out of the way... took at least 10 tries, but he got it out of the way... when he got to the hotel, he was still fired up and when the bar cut him off, he wrecked the joint whipped the hotel security and the first 2 cops that showed up until he was finally subdued... We had some time off after that and 't think I saw him again till the 80's... he was dressed drag at the time... But that's another story... On Aug. 3, BOC played at the Ohio River Music Festival Cincinatti. There was a question as to whether Styx was also the lineup. Well, I'm emailing to say that I was there and Styx did play. For some reason I remember they did I saw BOC about 3 times and this was the first. This was one of first concerts. It was great show. and hot! I remember it fairly well since I wasn't a real heavy partier yet Styx was definitely on the They played pretty early, probably 1st or 2nd. I think was on the radio at that time. The band order you have doesn't look right. There was a really down part of the show when the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Womack played back to back. Most of the infield crowd had fallen asleep or passed out. There was a break after Womach that was followed by BOC, They did the typical start with the anouncer screaming On your feet or on your knees, the amazing Blue Oyster Cult! At that point some explosions went off onstage and the crowd surged to their feet. First time I had seen them and it was great! Status Quo and Foghat were both excellent and Aerosmith topped off the show nicely. Quo did the pose from the cover of Piledriver where they were lined up across the stage jamming while leaning over with their hair touching the stage really powerful. Foghat was touring Rock and Roll Outlaws and wore the colored suits they are wearing on the album cover. REO was supposed to play but backed out. I think I remember it was because they