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Spełnienie marzeń strach zawsze lepiej mam przelewać swój albo skierowane Bermuda, connecting LF Airport with Hamilton to the west and the Town of St to the east. Longbird Bridge was originally constructed the 1950s as a 60 metres- twin carriageway steel swing bridge at the east end of the Causeway connecting the island with the airport. However, the bridge closed to traffic ten years ago and was temporarily bypassed with twin Bridge structures. Swing Bridge spans 120 metres across Ferry Reach, linking St 's Harbour with the west of the island, and is a critical link for both vehicular and traffic. The 1960s swing bridge has received extensive refurbishment and remains open to vehicles but no longer opens to shipping. According to the press release, the design team undertake studies to determine the most appropriate solutions for the new bridges, including fixed and moveable structures. It added that robustness and durability are key factors as both existing bridges have suffered accelerated deterioration the tropical climate, which is particularly aggressive to steel structures. addition, the structures and their mechanisms must be designed to withstand the hurricane-force winds that Bermuda periodically suffers. The design team have collaborated on bridge projects and between them are responsible for award-winning moveable structures, including the Twin Sails Bridge, Poole Gateshead Millennium Bridge Lower Hatea Crossing and Merchant Square Bridge Commenting on the appointment, Curran, bridges director at Ramboll, said: We are all delighted to be working on such exciting project with the Government of Bermuda. We look forward to collaborating to deliver a strong and lasting landmark for the island, one which inspires, connects and can endure the heavy weather conditions that Bermuda has previously suffered. Knight, director at Knight Architects, said: Bermuda is a beautiful and inspiring location for any designer, and it is clear how important these connections are the everyday life the island. These bridges are also the entry point for countless tourists every year and they offer opportunity for gateway structures which reflect the culture and identity of a truly unique place. Work on the project start immediately. Bumping over the old barge bridge became a thing of the past late 1952 when Kindley AFB's new Bird Bridge. built by the US Military, was officially opened. 53 years old 2003, its lifespan of 50 years was almost over. The Bermuda Government announced July 2000 plans to replace the bridge with a fixed-span overpass giving clearance of between 30 and 40 feet to traffic passing below it but this was done. Instead, repairs 2001 extended its life. Engineers ere not favor of replacing the bridge with a new swing bridge because the more moving parts there are, the more likely it is that corrosion and breakages occur, especially exposed location. Photo by A. Forbes 2002, the US Government, lieu of all other Bermudian claims that the USA caused serious environmental damage at the former US Naval Air Station nearby and Naval Annex Southampton Parish, gave the Bermuda Government US$11 million, equivalent to the replacement cost of Longbird Bridge. Some re-construction mid-2003 reinforced the flat spans, casting them as arches. Only one was open to traffic until completion 2003. The construction caused tiresome delays, made worse by timed traffic lights which mopeds and scooters use illegally by going front, much to the annoyance of persons cars, trucks and taxis. It was damaged extensively with a death involved, during Hurricane of 2003. On Friday 26, it was closed for four hours, nearly 500 people went without power and hundreds of schoolchildren and workers were sent home as hurricane force winds battered Bermuda. With gusting winds hitting 75 knots, flights from Bermuda Airport and ferry services were also cancelled. Public Safety Minister Burch shut the Causeway at 1 p.m. for safety reasons, with sustained winds at 45 knots. It remained shut until winds dropped at about 5 p.m., leading to scores of frustrated motorists lengthy tailbacks. All Government schools were closed at lunchtime after power outages at five schools across the country, with a number of private schools following suit. the afternoon, a Continental flight from Newark was delayed, while JetBlue and 's Atlanta flights were cancelled because the closure of the Causeway meant people could not reach the airport. People called the Government to complain about the closure of the Causeway, but it was done for public safety. Government had set guidelines to shut it strong winds the light of Hurricane 2003. Following the Government took the stance that when wind speeds