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Rasy szczególną ( i ścigane sztuką flirtu kinie okresem dość posunięć well on just a leash attached to their collar when they are taken out for walks separately. However, when they are taken out together, they become nightmares. It becomes a competition of who can pull the hardest on their leash and bark at the most people dogs mailboxes birds. All of our neighbors hate our dogs and us as well because our dogs seem vicious. Anyway, if you could give any advice on muzzling or not muzzling, lemon spray, shock collar, etc. a dog that barks while out on walks, I would appreciate it. Hi! I have a 2 year old male Labrador Retriever called Lucius. He is very well behaved on the lead when out for a regular walk somewhere he knows, however if he sees a cat or a dog he instantly wants to be friends and lunges towards them! He's fine when he meets them and is very polite and well socialised. Would a front clip harness be better for him? I currently have walked him on a slip lead but I feel this doesn't help stop any pulling and I took him on a longer walk the other day and the constant lunging towards other dogs is having effect on me now. I dont want to dislike walking him as we have had fun walks together when there are no distractions. 2016 I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am after taking first bottle of CMO. Arthritis left foot was bad that X did not even show bones; just a white covering. I had limped along for 4 years. After 4 days of CMO I was beginning to get feeling back feet. After two weeks I had no more limp. Absolutely incredible product! I just placed another order and wife begin taking it. Thank you! 2015 Hi. Both myself and mother have known about and bought HHA products since the early 2000s, but more recently I was turned back to what they could do after seeing REMARKABLE transformation mother a very short frame of time. I had already been implementing other herbs over the past year into her routine with pretty good success but it was Beta Glucan that changed the game! The very same day that I gave her barely two capsules I saw immediate improvement that day. sharing the testimony I am really hoping that other caregivers and stroke survivors give this a try. mother has gone from having considerable amount of weight, swollen legs, lack of full attention, virtually a woke coma but much has changed. Relative to HHA she is on Colloidal Minerals Plant Based Minerals Snoreless BrainPower NeuroRecovery As for Beta Glucan, mother is up to 6 a day now The dramatic improvement came with BG where now her legs are considerably less swollen, she is walking faster SUPER alert, more confident, engaged with everything around her, she is dreaming more deeply, she is also now officially Outpatient Therapy and most of all HER SPEECH has drasticalllllllly improved! I end really suggesting that someone do a study on strokes and at least the Beta Glucan. mother's improvement is truly proving to be a miracle on multiple levels....even flooring the doctor who couldn't believe it was the same woman articulating herself much more clearly versus barely 3 months ago! 2015 I thank you for all the work, research and care you put your products! Over a year ago I was told that I had some health problems with reproductive system. I started taking your female reproductive health vitamins and drinking the tea! I went to the Dr a few weeks ago and the damage is reversing itself! cysts on ovaries are gone, the scar tissue filopian tubes are shrinking and blood pressure is perfect!! I am no longer on any prescription medications only on vitamins! Thank you for helping me get healthy and not give up on 1014 Dr Goodpet treatamins to the