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Antagoniści nie być nieco cięższa którego życiowy spryt klientów winę pups tremendously and I always take them for their yearly visits for preventitive care, but sick visits are hard to pay for. dog is worth $75+ to a vet. Not sure about you guys…but these people save lives. It's infuriating to hear I 't want to pay for it when it comes to health care. I have OHIP and pay very little for me. dog doesn't have that luxury. If everyone saw the actual cost of running a clinic full of vets, no one would complain. If you can't afford to care for a pet when they fall ill it's likely not a good idea to have one. Fostering is a great option that covers both sides. Yes, I know that a few hours can cause that amount of damage. It happens not only dogs, but horses. A horse can be dead 24 hours. It has happened to me. Only presenting symptom. Wouldn't eat his dinner. Vet came out. Did what they could. By morning, he died. He would have never made it on to the operating table. Torsion or bloat, it's a medical EMERGENCY. There are other signs beside coughing…but good owners are not aware of of the conditions and the accompanying signs symptoms. a GDV, a matter a few hours, not days…could be the difference between life and death. And walking into emergency clinic is not just about the fee for walking the door. Our emergency clinic here that I use, is $98 to walk the door. Then there's the tests, and if treatable…there's the treatment. Even relatively minor emergencies for which I have used the clinic, has never been under $600. And for a GDV, assuming a surgery with no complications, would run between $1500 and $2000. I think that having a list of medications that can safely be used is a helpful, helpful tool. But it never replaces accessing veterinary advice and care. It's also helpful to have a regular vet that allow you to call him emergency, to determine whether the symptoms warrant a trip to emergency, or whether one can wait until Monday. But the exam charge at vet is $65, plus care. it's still not a cheap fix. Any pet runs the risk of emergencies their lifetime, it's best to have a plan place for those times. I have to respond to your comment that people shouldn't have pets if they 't have money for vet bills. Do you have any idea how animals die everyday by a needle because there are not enough loving homes for them? I work to try to get animals out of those high kill shelters and into a home where they can know What those animals need is not money. People who 't have as much money as you do the best they can for their pets, and yes they try home remedies first and save the expensive vet trips as a last resort. Personally, I think those animals are much better off a loving home without much money than alone and hungry on the streets or a plastic garbage bag a dumpster behind the shelter. I'm hoping that you did not mean to be insensitive, but it might be good to re-think your position and be a little less judgmental of others. And while I'm on soapbox, people please 't use your money to buy dogs from breeders or pet shops. Save a life, get a wonderful dog from the shelter. Animals are thinking, feeling, loving beings, not status symbols. Make the world a better place. Think goodness I have a mobile vet,he comes to you!look around for a good vet.I had a vet that just was it for the money and I didn't like him or his staff much.look your yellow pages,I did .it's actually cheaper because he doesn't have a office to pay for and he teams up with one