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Hermetyczne się pozornie zdradzać ale nie będzie wyglądać wersja zostało based on article a local newspaper, the which had reported that had arrived a small jet before the Obamas along with the president's personal We and others debunked the claim that flew on his own airplane. reality, the airport Waterville, Maine, could not accommodate Obama's usual airplane, Obama and his staff flew into a different airport on separate jets, one of which carried several members of Obama's presidential staff and The later issued a correction: Today's story about the arrival of the Obamas said the Obamas' dog and one arrived on a small jet before the First Family, but there were other occupants on the plane, including several other staffers. But this wasn't enough to stop pieces of the rumor from morphing into another outrageous claim about Some of these rumors focused on who holds a job known informally as the presidential body man a position that combines aspects of scheduler, valet, and conversational partner. began to work for Obama 2006 and served as the president's personal from 2009 until 2011. That meant that he was at Obama's side almost constantly. Because the listed as 's one and only traveling companion, some bloggers incorrectly assumed that his job was dog trainer. Meanwhile, a 2011 report to Congress confirmed that was paid $102 a year. 's salary matches that listed the chain email. But was far from a dog trainer. His job was to provide any necessary personal assistance and arrangements for the leader of the Free World. The notion that Obama was keeping a dog trainer on retainer for $102 a year is nonsense. tracking 's history, we did find references to one trainer, -Stasiewicz, who trained the dog before his introduction to the presidential lifestyle. -Stasiewicz was known for training dogs who lived among Washington's politicians, including Kennedy's family, who took to her before giving the dog to the Obamas. According to the the Kennedy's worked with -Stasiewicz to determine whether the dog would be suitable for a very busy family with two young daughters. By her own admission, -Stasiewicz was unaware that the dogs' final destination would be the White House. However, according to the Annual Reports to Congress on White House Staff, she was never paid by the Obama administration. Our Ruling The chain email said that Obama is the first president to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102 a year at taxpayer expense. The claim stitches together a few pieces of accurate information a way that makes them inaccurate. A dog trainer, -Stasiewicz, has been associated with but she was used briefly and was never paid by the administration. Meanwhile, was Obama who earned $102, but to the extent that dog handling took any of his time, it was a small fraction of his total duties, and dog handler certainly wasn't his title. We rate this claim Pants on Fire. I understand that submitting information gives consent for Animal Behavior College to provide me with information and discount promotional marketing materials via phone, fax, email, text chat or other automated technology. I also understand that I am able to opt-out from communications at any time. I waive all no-call-registry choices and acknowledge that consent does not require me to purchase. Do you love dogs? As Certified Dog Trainer you possess the skills necessary to make a difference the lives of people and dogs you work with. Since a well-trained dog remain with one family their entire life, the human-animal bond has the opportunity to flourish. Become Certified Dog Trainer and help keep dogs forever homes while creating a loving family environment for everyone. This rewarding career could be yours! Call -3294 today or submit the completed form to request more information. Decades of training experience have been incorporated into this extremely comprehensive positive motivation-based training curriculum, which includes 7 to 21 weeks of hands-on training with -approved mentor dog trainer. This program also includes your voluntary enrollment 's international dog training and adoption campaign called Students Saving Lives. This portion of the program allows you to work a shelter. Here are the 11 stages that every graduate completes: is a viable option for students across the United States and Canada. That's because has over 1 contracted mentor dog trainers across North America. Click here for the location nearest you or call -3294 and speak with admissions counselor directly. Our unique course combines the flexibility of home study coupled with invaluable hands-on training experience with -approved dog trainer. Training has never been more convenient! We have open enrollment your education can begin immediately. A dog training career is about making a difference the health and lives of animals! Call today. Do What You Love