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Rytm portretami sekwencji akcja filmu ostatni tak bardzo film pozbawiony However, next day or second day air shipping is not covered and if requested be charged. Any unit purchased prior to 2001 is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty but is covered by our standard One Year warranty. How the Lifetime Warranty works: To qualify for the Warranty you must fill out the warranty registration card which came with your system and mail it to Systems within 30 days of purchase. There is no charge for parts or labor for the first year on any of our lifetime warranted products. When the product's labor warranty expires after the first year, there be a normal labor charge for any repair under the lifetime warranty program should your system be need of service. Labor charges range from $35 to $110 depending on 1) the system model, and 2) the severity of the repair needed. Any defective manufactured part or parts that need replacement be free during the lifetime warranty period. I am writing this email concerning recent order with your company. I placed an order online and realize I ordered the wrong items. I telephoned your company and dealt with one of the customer servi... -Gratefully yours, LaWana M. Twin Falls, ID First easy experience I have had ordering off the net quite a while, it was very easy. Although order was very small, it has been treated like a larger order. I can tell you do care about all yo... -Glenn S. Gallatin, TN. Trending: Kate Middleton Waffle House michael cohen Barbara Bush sean hannity Bronx: The person at United Airlines who told the family that the dog had to be placed the overhead compartment should not only be fired, but should be prosecuted for animal cruelty. What unfeeling and uneducated fool. Likewise, the family that followed that instruction should be banned from ever having animal of any kind again. They should have walked off the plane, complained to the proper authorities and arranged passage on another carrier. I realize the family had to get to wherever they were going but is it not better to be late to arrive and have a live animal Even if they had to lay out funds for new tickets on another carrier, they would eventually get a refund on the original ticket and could sue small claims court for additional lodging and kennel fees. I also believe that United should be sued for the emotional distress caused by their agent and the lack of training provided to their personnel. McCorry Staten Island: The death of Coquito the pup on United Airlines doesn't pass the smell test. They dialed it back after numerous passengers confirmed he barked and whimpered. much for the flight attendant's story of not knowing a dog was the bag. The woman, immigrant, spoke no English. Faced with authority figure, she was probably scared. The current hostile political climate, thanks to Trump's administration, is a factor. We need the backstory of the flight attendant's politics to determine whether her handling of the situation was bigotry its ugliest form. Ellen Settanni Manhattan: Re Science teacher accused of feeding puppy to class snapping turtle The callous teacher should be fired and never allowed to work a school again. I would not want that individual around ones, that's for sure! No wonder there is much violence the schools. What a great example of compassion that was! Shame! If that puppy was indeed sick, he could have been humanely euthanized. That teacher should be euthanized, and not humanely! Just horrendous! Manalapan, N.J.: I want to thank the Daily News for its focus on NYCHA's ongoing failure to serve its residents. I have worked for NYCHA since 1990. that period I have held both subordinate and supervisory positions at the development level. Although I am not a supporter of Gov. Cuomo, he is absolutely correct when he says that NYCHA's real problem is not financial but managerial. NYCHA management has drifted very, very far away from its original mission, its core purpose and what its founders intended, that sadly, it is beyond repair. I truly believe this and do not enjoy saying it. I can only that when the news cycle forgets about NYCHA, like it usually does, then those who made promises to make the lives of our residents better can keep them. Breiter Newport, R.I.: Although divorce is now a generally accepted solution to irreconcilable differences or other petty grievances, it is after five children a poor decision. Jr. and Trump had plenty of time to think over their relationship, and if the new