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Girls może (i jak relacja rytmów niezwykle dojrzałą tym zjawisko were interrupted by the First World War during which his hearing was damaged eventually resulting deafness his latter years. became a central figure British music through his career as teacher to composers and conductors and he was respected also for his writings on music and composing. He was buried Westminster The novelist wrote as a Liphook resident 1916. Her father was the postmaster the town. Her other works included and Whilst nearby Grayshott as assistant sub-postmistress she came into regular contact with Sir Conan and Shaw. The New Farnham Repertory Company dramatised and two other productions have been community play projects on the Surrey Hampshire border. A walk ''s Trail' has been established following a route through the countryside, from Grayshott to Giggs Green, that Thompson had enjoyed. The tree lover that founded what was to develop into the Winkworth Arboretum near Godalming. His project started 1938 was to plant exotic trees on a hilly landscape of 100 acres. The Arboretum is now owned by the National Trust. He was awarded the highest honour of the Horticultural Society, the Medal of Honour 1948. Fox was also a leading dermatologist at St 's Hospital, London and a founder of the Roads Beautifying Association 1928. The prolific novelist and short story writer who concentrated on historical romances and stories associated with the Edwardian age. Deeping, whose most popular novel was lived at his house Eastlands Weybridge from 1919 until his death. Writing from his home at Monument Green, Weybridge, author Forster wrote a succession of highly successful novels including and born Crofts moved to Blackheath near Guildford 1929 from where he wrote 37 books and 70 short stories. The popular crime novelist, whose principal character was Detective Inspector French, wrote his books a house the garden. Two of his books, and featured local settings. London born Shepard was the artist who brought the characters of A. A. Milne to life through his book illustrations. His association with and began the 1920s when he was working on the satirical magazine Punch where he was given the opportunity to sketch Milne's characters for the magazine, and was to continue illustrating Milne's stories a association between the two. He also created illustrations for Grahame's Shepard based his drawings of Pooh on Growler, his 's bear. His drawings are keenly sought after by collectors worldwide with two of his pictures breaking world auction records 2004 when they were sold as a pair for A small unpublished watercolour and pen and ink picture by the illustrator was expected to fetch up to £30 when it was auctioned by Sotheby's 2006, and 2007 a complete set of signed first edition copies of books, which cost seven shillings and sixpence each were auctioned for £7. A retired steward from the cruise ship company P&O announced that he is to auction a pen and ink drawing the artist quickly sketched for him as a keepsake on a menu card 1968 whilst Shepard was on a cruise. The drawing, of Pooh followed by Piglet carrying a pile of plates, is expected to fetch £800. Shepard fell with the Wey Valley when he stayed with his family the vicarage Shalford near Guildford. 1904 he moved to Shamley Green living from 1909 Red Cottage the village, and remained the Guildford area for over 50 years. He was appointed a captain the local Home Guard 1939 when he was 60 years old. Shepard bequeathed his papers to the University of Surrey 1974. Explorer on 's perilous expedition to the South Pole who uttered the immortal words before leaving the party to face his death: I am just going outside and be some time. Oates lived Selborne near Hampshire and his house is now a museum owned by the Oates Memorial Trust. Born Guildford whilst his mother was home from Kong, author and playwright Wodehouse was the creator of Wooster and his faithful manservant Jeeves with his stories providing a quintessential picture of English upper class society. Wodehouse also wrote for film, collaborated with Jerome Kern and Gershwin and worked with on the musical His birthplace, then 1 Vale Place, still stands. The detached Victorian house today has the address of 59 Epsom Road and has been subdivided into flats. A wall plaque on the entrance porch records the fact. Sean O', dramatist whose plays highlighted the plight of Ireland's poor classes, famously jibed him as being English literature's performing flea., a description that Wodehouse cherished much he adopted it as the title of his autobiography. The world speed record holder built his record breaking Bluebirds at Brooklands near Byfleet. He was the first to break the 300 mph on land 1935. It was his who was to die trying to break the 300 mph water speed record