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Toalecie szuka, nawet cierpieniu emocjonalna amplituda niego zadania plinceton świecie I repeated the colloidal silver procedure, mixing two teaspoonfuls instead of one, with water. He took during the drive to the hospital. Believe it or not, but by the time we got to the hospital, which is less than 10 minutes away he was able to speak clearly, with very little pain. There was no grunting. To me, it was and is a miracle. The Doctor prescribed antibiotics. On the ride back home, we passed the pharmacy and he asked why hadn't I stopped to fill his prescription? I told him because we just had a miracle happen. He had a few more doses during the day and by the end of that day, there was no sign that he was even sick. Thank you HHA and Marijah McCain for providing the best products and for having this website to help others. 2007 husband was hospitalized with Pnuemonia three years ago. They sent him home but he was not much better than when he went there. Our pastor told us about Colloidal Silver THANK GOD We try to never be out of this wonderful product. We share with everyone who listen. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! 2007 Marijah, I just wanted to say thank you much for everything! Since I started working 3rd shift a year and a half ago, I have been fighting depression and addition, I have not had any energy nor have I been able to focus. 3rd shift really messes with your body and mind, and I was spending more time being asleep than being awake and was constantly a bad mood. I started taking your Hoodia combination with your HGH formula couple of weeks ago and I have noticed a drastic change myself. I have a lot more energy and mind doesn't feel all scattered, even after getting only 5 hours of sleep. I am also better spirits, thanks to you, I really cannot thank you enough! 2007 Dear McCain: Thank you for helping me with MS. I did what you said and I actually have a life now. I am still dealing with some issues but I think health is like onion and I have to peel away the layers. McCains response: Yes, this is true and we continue to work on the next set of issues. 2006 Thursday morning I woke up with somewhat of earache, nothing too bad. By Friday morning it was getting a worse. Working operating room I thought I could get a dose of antibiotic ear drops to stop it before it got any worse. Anyway, needless to say, I get very worried when ear starts to ache. At work I was told I would have to go to PCP, because new policy would no longer allow employee's to treat even anything minor. To make a story short, by Friday afternoon, ear had started to hurt bad that I could not even touch it. for the wonderful part, I had Colloidal Silver at home....need I say more? I got home and put a drop or two on a piece of cotton and kept it all night, by Saturday morning I was able to actually tug on the ear a bit w out much pain. I kept a cotton ball ear for the remainder of the weekend and by Monday morning, no pain what ever. I also took a dose by mouth for a few days along with it. Marijah, I cannot begin to THANK YOU enough. You are truly Heaven Sent. Through your courses I continue to learn new things every day...God Bless you,and to all. P.S. Just finishing the Secret Life of Plants...Totally blows one's mind! Feb. 2007 I woke up with a bad sore throat I took the Sambucol three times a day within two days sore throat was gone! Normaly I would be sick for a week but I was able to recover. family is taking Sambucol which is working. Thanks for your product. God continue to give you the wisdom for healing. Thank