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A to szlachetna koniecznie parać się punktów widzenia to końcu Cool forced peer pressure Herd mentality and defending themselves with logical fallacies perfect progressive ignorants militants. They sell their ass to media to be cool and seen as humanitarian. The perfect ignorant that takes orders unquestionable militant. I went to Femen and posted there how come they never criticize Jews and for hasidic policies on women and patriarchy. There are virtually 100 articles on internet for discrimination of women treating them as dung the bus accident is just one. There was the case of Ethiopian Jewish women getting forced contraception and the state of affairs they live and jobs they have are along with Palestinian women. And you know who the Femen and were attacking was Russian Orthodox Christianity, the Pope, and even more funny the Israeli Femen were talking about the need of Iranian and Turkish women to be free and open. A propaganda only a tool wouldn't it. And the parrot trolls, American Jews, international comments they where saying good job but never said good job on Israeli issues. Not once they were saying we do justice for you guys for Muslims. Like they are open Jewish parrots that have no shame. I wnated to ask if they would say good job if they went nude to synagogues and to the Wall but they blocked me. We should all go and ask them why they never go into synagogues to protest against Hasidic Jewish laws and customs for women, and for their racism against Palestinians and Ethiopian Jews. There are virtually 100 articles which I can put here for all those issues. Koen the UK The backside of the door mirrors on the getaway car are very reflective sometimes these mirroring backsides appear white, sometimes black, also depending on the view angle. This has been proven by another internet investigator. Nevertheless, Brother 's opinion on the Hebdo event is true. Jews have been doing this sort of things for centuries. The BS slogan we are is premeditated and prepared for the brainwashed public. If we really are then we are dead anyway. I feel you be wrong on this one. If the top of the Eiffel Tower was bombed to smithereens or something elaborate then the Zionists would be likely suspects. This however reeks of a barbaric Muslim job. They had the weapons, they had basic training, and they had years to prepare as they lived off their European welfare state. Sure the Jews want these 3rd worlders Europe, and the Muslims are the perfect useful-idiots to out actions like this and contribute to the general decay of European civilisation. Time to end Islamic migration to Europe. Time to outlaw Islam as a dangerous political cult. Time for the Europeans and USA to become real Christians ally with Russia and begin the process of weeding Islam out of the world forever, and sort the Jews out along the way. MM Fiasco Lie to Me Once Posted by Duff on 11 What do you have to do to declare a false flag fail? Note again there is no bullet pock the concrete, quite a large hole if AK is used. What if someone actually died here. This would mean someone was brought here after the attack and shot but who would do such a thing? Did they video that shooting too? Then, when though they were obviously on every no fly and terror watch list the world, armed to the teeth, they manage to gun down a dozen, dozens, shoot up a synagogue, a delicatessen and ADL JINSA Wiesenthal reading room. Not only do these jokers magically cross borders, pass through customs like wraiths, they are better armed than the current Wehrmacht. You are telling me they weren't watched, followed and wiretapped every second? Few nations have the armies of cockroaches trailing visitors around than the French do. The videos are out there, dead police texting selfies, or terrorists running through streets that Google can't