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Filmu tytułowy mściciel fajnych one linerów najbardziej zwiastun zawiera chciałoby the way, this also was house with his wife. His brother law he didn't let attend. The sister had to neglect it, she says: husband doesn't allow it. And thus the husband came himself with his wife, who has carried out any attempts, to purchase health to his wife. Thousands of Dollars even millions he has paid for that purpose. Always by plane he sent her from one country to the next to the greatest capacities of professional physicians. Nobody could help. To me he comes, sits down at a table, pulls out his chequebook and says: What do you require from me, provided you give wife health? He had two interpreters with him. I had one. reply to this was hereupon: Confidence and I have to add advance, that he says:It doesn't matter with a couple of millions. Just mention a figure, how much you want. I am ready to pay any amount. And answer was: Confidence and Then, he jumped up, that he couldn't comprehend. He was almost raging flat. Something like this had not happened ever his life, something like this had not happened yet to him. far he would have been able to do anything with money, and he comes here and says: One of the greatest phenomena of our century! that is the unanimous opinion of experts about the case Gröning. Gröning, a native of Danzig, has been talked about for about two months because of his miraculous healings. For a day and two nights, a reporter of Süddeutsche Sonntagspost had the opportunity to Willi Horstmann from Schlangen, completely blind on his left eye, can suddenly distinguish light and dark, shortly afterwards he sees completely normal. 6 a.m.: the meantime, approximately 500 people have gathered front of the house. I am admitted into the entrance hall. A friendly elderly gentleman comes to meet me. He was a kind of assistant to Mr. Gröning, he says. the past, when he still lived Schmiedeberg he had been the owner of one of the largest fish canneries Europe. How did he come to provide emergency service here, I ask. Mr. Steffan tells: wife and little daughter were severely ill. Since 1919, wife suffered from neuralgia and muscular rheumatism. little Luitgard had se- vere spasms every couple of hours. Only reluctantly, I came here with both of them from Bad Salzuflen. We stood the courtyard the back of the crowd. Gröning came to the window. Then, little one tore herself off and ran over there. wife suddenly got swollen hands. When we had returned home, both of were completely healthy. There were no more relapses. A few days later I went again to Herford to Mr. Groening to express gratitude. When I spoke with him, I suddenly felt, that I became completely calm again, because I had been very nervously previously. Pointing at glasses, Gröning said: Take off this satanic thing; I want to get to the eyes! He looked at me for a minute. Since then, I can perfectly again even with- out glasses. I decided then to help Mr. Gröning with all strength. I reassure those waiting, do the mail and write protocols. Gröning has further two helpers: H., a former editor of the Bielefeld Freie Presse, who has given up his profession, out of the imperious urge to help Gröning and Raff from Gelsenkirchen, a bright lad, the blind brother of whom Gröning has cured completely four weeks ago.: A woman comes with her little three-year-old daughter. The little Erika Fischer from Minden nervously flinches all the time and lets out shrill cries. I show her a portrait image of uncle Gröning. The child stares at the picture, pulls it on her face, kisses and caresses it. A genuine childlike rejoicing comes from her throat. Her eyes have lost their dead expression. A blissful glow is now on the face of the girl. A little boy comes jumping down the stairs. People explain to me: This is Dieter Hülsmann, the first patient Herford, Gröning has healed. This was three months ago. Up to that day, Dieter, who was ill with progressive muscular dystrophy, could neither stand nor sit. Mrs. Hülsmann sent a telegram to Gröning, who at the time still lived his life Dortmund completely unknown, only healing on rare occasions. gratitude for the miraculous healing of the boy the family Hülsmann took on the mir- acle doctor their house at Wilhelmplatz 7.: Rumor spreads about Gröning being held back by the police. Allegedly efforts are being made to enforcedly preventing him treating his sick. On request, mayor Wörmann ensures, that nothing bad would happen to Gröning, provided he keeps the laws and the administrative orders. On the question, what the city administration would do, if Gröning came here and healed nevertheless, Wörmann replies: If I am able to prove his transgression of the prohibition, I take the strictest measurements cooperation with the public prosecutor's office. Gröning arrives. The people push their way to him, attempt to press his hand or at least touch his clothes. It takes him some effort getting into the entrance hall. Calm and serene he stands there, a slender, muscular with a very distinc- tive profile and black wavy hair. He wears a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a bright tie. Instinctively, he reminds me of the drummer a jazz band. He gives everyone